Honeyville Grain

Honeyville Grain

Founded in 1951, Honeyville is a national food supplier leader specializing in storable foods, quality baking ingredients, and kitchen appliances.

Services Provided

  • Cross-Platform Integration
    Cross-Platform Integration

Platforms Used

  • Magento
  • ERP
  • Amazon API
  • Network Solutions
  • Commerce Hub

The Challenge

As an industry leader, Honeyville processes a large number of orders each day generated from multiple sources. As order volume increased, the company needed a way to consolidate and streamline order management, automate the process of adding orders to its accounting system, and improve Honeyville customers’ shopping experience by providing order tracking information in real time.

When we began working with Honeyville, the company was relying on a Network Solutions shopping cart, but has since moved to a Magento eCommerce platform.  Honeyville processes orders from Costco, Amazon.com and other online resellers. Because a fast turnaround time is critical when working with Costco and Amazon our solution needed to minimize the time between when an order was placed and a tracking number was available for the buyer.

The Solution

To improve the way Honeyville handled orders placed on its own eCommerce site, we integrated the Network Solutions shopping cart with their enterprise resource planning (ERP), creating a process to automatically downloads orders, add them to the accounting system, and upload tracking information to their online store and clients. We implemented a similar solution for orders placed via Amazon, creating a process for downloading orders and updating tracking information in real time.

When Honeyville made the switch from Network Solutions to Magento, we integrated the new system with Sage to ensure a seamless transition. Later when Honeyville needed to automate the handling of orders from Costco we integrated their systems with CommerceHub, creating an automated process that downloads orders, adds them to Sage, and uploads tracking information. We made the process even more efficient by automating the creation of .PDF packing slips.

When it became necessary to connect Honeyville’s order management systems to an affiliated company’s custom shopping cart, we built a custom connector to downloads orders in JSON format and update tracking information. We were also able to use our connector to automate the import of orders from a reseller’s BigCommerce site.

We’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Honeyville’s VP and CIO, who have been extremely supportive and happy to adopt our solutions. We’re proud to have contributed to Honeyville’s success over the years and continue to work alongside the Honeyville team ensuring orders from any source are handled smoothly and efficiently.