We are not dogmatic nor fanatical about any single solution. We pride ourselves on finding the best fit for our client’s needs. Among the tools at our disposal are technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server Windows Server, .Net, ASP.Net framework and others as well as Open Source tools such as PHP, MySQL, Zen framework, and more.

Here are some of the platforms and technologies we work with on a regular basis:

“The most simple solution is often the best.”

— William of Occam’s Razor

We always use tried and tested, supportable and maintainable technologies to provide you with solutions that will run day and night for years to come.

We love data. We love all flavors of SQL and are very comfortable with big data. We love to move, analyze, sort, arrange and manipulate data. We know and understand Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We know how to quickly connect, design and implement APIs. We have the skills and frameworks to connect completely separate systems into single, unified, seamless processes.

When we implement shopping carts we use off-the-shelf, open source e-commerce solutions such as Magento Commerce, Shopify, Woo Commerce. We create e-commerce systems from scratch for specialty industries and workflows. We counsel our clients to help them select the right shopping cart for their specific needs and goals. We treat each client uniquely. We do not use one-size-fits all solutions. With experience implementing over 30 different unique types of e-commerce stores we can help guide you towards what will suit you best.

We use the latest and greatest in client-side technologies employing HTML5, jQuery, KnockoutJS among other technologies to deliver cross platform, standardized, and compliant output for our clients.